"The Orchard Trust has been very fortunate to have been FBWN chosen charity for the last year. We have had such a wide variety of support since our links with the group and have been touched by this. The Orchard Trust is a charity that supports the Involvement, independence and development of adults with learning disabilities and FBWN have not only raised money for our charity but also helped with promoting our events and helping us with our campaigns to collect used ink cartridges and stamps. In addition to this we have also have a regular volunteer from the group, Caroline Jones who helps the Trust through giving her time and through using her sewing and knitting skills to produce amazing crafts for us to sell and raffle off. Finally we have also had the chance to make links with business women in the forest that have been able to help the Trust through their business and skills. On behalf of everyone at The Orchard Trust I would like to thank FBWN for all that you have done for us this year."

Tina Baker - Orchard Trust

"As a newly self employed woman joining FBWN was a big boost for me. The meetings are very friendly and through the group I have made a number of business contacts as well as friends. The membership is very varied and I now look to FBWN members for most things before looking further afield. I was new to networking but now consider myself fairly experienced and networking with FBWN has both helped and encouraged my business through increasing my confidence where marketing is concerned, something I knew nothing about."

Caroline Jones. FBWN Member

"A potential client has recently found my contact details via the FBWN website - so thanks to the site!"

Sarah W. FBWN Member

"The meetings of FBWN are friendly, relaxed and professionally run. I look forward to meeting up with like minded women on a regular basis; being a member of FBWN has helped my business to grow."

Cecile H. FBWN Member

"For someone who has always understood the need for networking but hated the thought of it, I have found that this group makes it easy. There is the right balance of business, networking and social events. I would recommend any woman in business in the area to try it."

Meave Cray FBWN Member